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What we get wrong about Community School Coordinators and the essential role they play in CS development

Community School Coordinators are the heart of their school communities, and the heart of our movement to rebuild and transform schools. Here's what we get wrong about their roles in our schools and districts.

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Community organizing is about more than achieving a win

Community organizing is a mindset – a way of seeing the world. More importantly, it is a set of principles that we can use to totally rebuild and transform our schools.

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Our traditional public funding parameters don’t fit rural communities

Right now, our state has no measure that helps us understand how to really support the rich ecosystem of rural communities because the only thing we’re using is a yardstick in a forest. And it’s a problem.

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The CS Essentials Framework wheel with handwritten notes and arrows on it.

The name of a funding source does not a community school make

Community schools are not new; they have taken root across the state long before – and alongside – the CCSPP.

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A love letter to planning

If you’re a California Community Schools Partnership Program (CCSPP) grantee, right now you have an almost unprecedented opportunity to build the car BEFORE you drive it.

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A grant program is not a strategy

If you’re reading this, I’m betting that you’ve recently received a CA Community Schools Partnership Program (CCSPP) grant.


A Community School Coordinator is like an air traffic controller

Too often, we hear Community School Coordinators and Directors described as the ones “in charge” of community school implementation.


Creating a vision for student success is not a solo endeavor

Years ago, I took a job as district Director of Community Schools. The hardest part about that job? Trying to advance a vision of community schools, amidst an organizational culture that, like most school districts everywhere, struggled with programmatic silos and barriers to collaboration.