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Big Bets Part III: Community Schools Accelerating Equitable Recovery

This rebroadcast from the Campaign for Grade Level Reading explores the Community Schools model and how it helps meet the challenges that children and families are facing. Watch to hear reflections on the significant increase in federal investment in Full-Service Community Schools.

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Stages of development in transforming schools into community schools

Learn about the Community Schools Forward task force's recent release of the Stages of Development tool.

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Moving Community Schools Forward with foundational resources

Learn about the Community Schools Forward task force's essential resources to align, build, and scale effective and sustainable community schools.

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What we learned from the CS Fundamentals Workshops

It’s hard to believe it’s already been about a month since we wrapped the first leg of our CS Fundamentals tour! We're sharing what we learned from each of you in a series of blog posts. Here's part one.

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The Role of the CS Coordinator

The Community School Manager (CSM) in Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) integrates a school’s partnership work with its academic mission.

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CSLX Remarks at the White House

The administration and federal agencies have a unique and foundational role to play in each of these areas. I want to highlight three specific areas that could benefit from administrative action.

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Every school can, and should, be a community school

This post offers discussion prompts for school and community leaders to plan together and strengthen their community school strategy as part of the California Community Schools Partnership Program.

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CSLX's Public Comment re: Federal FSCS Grant Competition

The massive influx of funding to seed, strengthen, and scale community school approaches demands that we work together to accurately describe the nuances of community schools implementation, what needs to be in place in order to ensure efficacy, and how to best evaluate community school efforts.

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Healing-Centered Community School Strategies: A Key Investment for COVID-19 Recovery

This new PACE publication set by Hayin Kimner provides a concrete example of what this kind of school looks like in practice as well as guidance for leaders at the school, district, county, and state level about how to support effective implementation at scale.

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