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CCSPP Grant Program Framework (official document)

California Department of EducationDec 2, 2022

The CCSPP Community Schools Framework was proposed and approved by the California State Board of Education on July 12, 2022. CSLX highly recommends reviewing this framework if you are a current or prospective CCSPP grantee. In addition to the Four Pillars of community schools (programmatic areas), the CCSPP Framework also mentions core commitments, conditions for learning, and proven practices that can strengthen your community school development. (All official CCSPP materials can be found on the CDE website here).

Four Key Conditions for Learning

  • Supportive environmental conditions that foster strong relationships and community.
  • Productive instructional strategies that support motivation, competence, and self-directed learning.
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) that fosters skills, habits, and mindsets that enable academic progress, efficacy, and productive behavior.
  • System of supports that enable healthy development, respond to student needs, and address learning barriers.

Four Cornerstone Commitments

  • A Commitment to Assets-Driven and Strength-Based Practice
  • A Commitment to Racially Just and Restorative School Climates
  • A Commitment to Powerful, Culturally Proficient and Relevant Instruction
  • A Commitment to Shared Decision Making and Participatory Practices

Four Proven Practices

  • Community Asset Mapping and Gap Analysis
  • The Community School Coordinator:
  • Site-Based and LEA-Based Advisory Councils
  • Integrating and Aligning with other relevant Programs