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Community School Basics

May 23, 2023 – May 30, 2023

This event has closed. Questions? Reach out to us at

So you’ve just received a CCSPP grant – congratulations! Not quite sure what to do next?

CSLX is thrilled to present Community School Basics, a two-day, 1.5-hour virtual workshop aimed at helping you build a foundational understanding of community school development.

Designed specifically for recent CCSPP planning grantees and their partners, CS Basics will help you lay the groundwork for a sustainable community school strategy that is relationship-centered, equitable, and supportive of students and families. The two-day workshop will be 100% virtual (hello, pajama pants!).

Sign up and you’ll get:

  • A more nuanced understanding of what a community school is and what it is not;

  • Help conceiving the CCSPP as part of an embedded, whole-child strategy, not just a one-time grant program;

  • A breakdown of the enabling conditions of successful community schools; and

  • A preliminary grasp of core community schools practices, systems, and structures (e.g., needs assessment, advisory councils, and the role of the community school coordinator).

CS Basics - Wednesdays will be held on the first two Wednesdays in May: Wednesday, May 3rd AND Wednesday, May 10th, from 10-11:30am PST on both days.

CS Basics - Tuesdays will be held on the last two Tuesdays in May: Tuesday, May 23rd AND Tuesday, May 30th, from 10-11:30am PST on both days.

Keep in mind: Your registration fee covers both 1.5-hour sessions of the workshop, so you’ll want to plan to attend both dates in a single CS Basics round. To reach more people, we are offering this training twice. Participants will receive identical content on CS Basics Wednesdays as they receive on CS Basics Tuesdays, so no need to sign up twice! Unfortunately, we cannot offer mixing and matching (joining CS Basics Wednesdays for your first session and CS Basics Tuesdays for your second session, for example).

This event has closed. Questions? Reach out to us at